Saturday, August 10, 2013

Literacy, Animal Needs and Basic Maths

Cal and I always start our day with the days of the week song (to the tune of the Adams Family theme song) and the weather. We have all been a little nuts this week and when we were doing the weather chart yesterday morning we realised that it was the first day this week that we had not had wind, so Cal and I decided that was why we felt less agitated friday!

Maths: graphing using elephant charts (count the elephants and then fill in that many squares on the bar graph). This activity is finally becoming easy for him after much practice during term 2, so we will need to figure out the next step.

Maths: measurement using slinkied apple skin. It was as long as Callum with his arm in the air. He thought this was a great measurement activity!

Phonics: /h/ sound book with pictures and words starting with /h/. Discussion of words starting with /h/. Cal was excited that hammer starts with /h/. A hammer is of course a necessary accessory in this house.

Science and Reading: Animal Houses book from Reading A-Z. Discussed where animals live, why they live there and other things that animals (and humans) need to survive. Cal really enjoyed this activity and participated freely (sometimes he is very resistive).

Cal continued digging his hole (begins with /h/!). Just about to china now!

Played house (begins with /h/ also) in the huge box that our new dishwasher came in (woo hoo, we got a Miele!).

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shoe Art and Jelly Maths

Caitlin is artist of the week next week. She is making some altered sandshoes, using sharpies and rubbing alcohol on her canvas shoes that cost us all of $3.50 at Kmart today! The project that inspired us is from The Art Girl Jackie.

Caitlin made really cool flower shaped rainbow patterns. She is going to stick on some gems tomorrow after school.

Callum's shoes are looking great too. He had a plan of what he wanted to do and then went about making them. Great job buddy! Great sequencing, planning, practicing pencil grip.

Library time thursday afternoons - Vanessa read 3 books today. Cal "read" sound words modelled by another participant.

Jelly maths was the only way I was going to get some real learning done today! Fractions made easy - one mixture of jelly, divided into four cups - hey presto, quarters. Callum divided it into quarters, halves and a whole. So easy to explain dividing something into equal parts when you get to eat the outcome! Above, jelly divided into halves (made up of 2 quarters per half). This concept needs reinforcing before Cal gets it I think.

Adventures in Home Schooling

Callum and I have embarked on a new adventure - home schooling. We started at the start of last term and we are now into our second term. I am so pleased that we are making progress (most days!).

Here I am going to record our journey through the maze of the Australian Curriculum and filling our lives with knowledge.

Making and copying patterns. This one is a simple rainbow colour pattern. This skill is important in pre-literacy/numeracy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

St Barbara's Festival

 Yesterday was the annual St. Barbara's Day parade (aka, the christmas parade!). Caitlin was on a float for Outback Rhythm where she does acrobatics. She was thrilled when she picked us out in the crowd and threw us some candy canes.

Craig, Callum and a friend, Dougal took up a good spot on the footpath outside the pharmacy!

This float is the school float. We gave them a huge wave!

This year I think there must have been a record number of floats. They were cellebrating 12 years of the parade and so the theme was 12. The school float did a rendition of the 12 days of christmas. I think Caitlin's year 1 class had a big contributing role. I can't remember wany of the verses, but the last one was "And a principal called McLerie"

This pic is of the float that Caitlin was on. She is sitting right in the middle of the photo, sitting on a box. Her teacher is blocking most of her and Caitlin has her back/side to the camera. I was too busy waving to her at first to take a good photo! Caitlin said that it was the highlight of her day!

This is "Bluey" the huge dump truck. This is my favourite part of the parade each year. I love love love seeing this huge piece of machinery come down the main street. You don't see that in every town Christmas parade!

You can get an idea of the sheer size of the thing from this photo.

I will post photos of todays happenings later!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Photo Update

I have added a heap of photos just as a quick update. Most are from our trip to Esperance over the winter, which was a lovely trip. It was the first time that Shannon and Ryan had been there, so I enjoyed showing off some of the lovely sights.

We found a very friendly kangaroo, which was drawn to Callum. He just loves animals and treats them so gently. Caitlin on the other hand ended up on our shoulders to get away from this cute kanga!

Dad, deep in thought.

This is a pic of Caitlin at acrobatics. This weekend was her concert, where her beginners group performed a routine. At the end Miss Mel, the principal (facing the camera holding Caitlin in the bendback), gave out some awards and to our surprise Caitlin got a medal for the beginners group. She is now planning how to display all the medals she is going to win!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update From Caitlin's Birthday

Caitlin loved having a birthday party this year. Five friends came over for a play after school, they played some games, ate some yummy pizza and opened presents. I am always blown away by the generosity of others when it comes to birthdays. Altogether it made for a lovely day for Caitlin.

I don't know why this pic of Caitlin's "bunch of flowers" is sideways, but I am sure you get the drift!

Caitlin got a hair crimper for her birthday ($5 from a garage sale, spotted by Shannon - good one!). She felt really grown up having curly hair! Had to get a pic of Cal in there somewhere too, so here he is!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Have I been slack or what! I hope to post some photos and a catch up soon. The kids are gorgeous at the moment, so we need to share some more!